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Case Story
Creating Mission and Values Statements to Drive Change


When a start-up venture moves out of R&D into production, many things change. One of the
more difficult transformations, is employee focus – shifting concentration from internal product and development issues to a more expansive customer-centric outlook.

ReThink Marketing worked with a leading provider of innovative 3-D technology solutions for orthodontic care to facilitate the development of their mission and values statements. With a new management team, the company president recognized the need for focused team-building statements that clearly defined the mission and beliefs of the organization and could unite its global employees in a shared purpose.

The Solution
ReThink was called in to develop and manage the process with one caveat – only one group meeting was possible due to enormous travel conflicts. With that in mind, ReThink worked closely with the executive management team (EMT) to develop a customized program.

First, one-on-one interviews were conducted with each executive to gain insight into company
dynamics and management styles. From these meetings, ReThink created pre-meeting packets, a customized agenda, and a meeting handbook

The facilitated session was designed to be highly interactive, yet focused. For more than five hours, company executives worked through the issues of creating meaningful mission and values statements, and defining what each value meant in practice. In addition to smooth facilitation, ReThink ensured the meeting had an element of fun to it with relevant team-building quizzes, small non-distracting stress toys, and favorite snack foods. Afterwards, ReThink provided editorial services to polish the selected statements.

A three-hour follow-up meeting (with some executives conferencing in) was held one week later to discuss the final statements and approval them for use in the new performance evaluation system. ReThink then helped the Company develop a rollout plan that included department rollout meetings, various recognition and award programs tied to values demonstration, executive brown-bag lunches, and customer feedback initiatives.

The Result
The mission and values workshop succeeded in helping the company build executive consensus and address customer, vendor, partner and investment community needs and relationships. The Company is pleased to have a meaningful baseline from which to effectively measure employee performance, award extraordinary effort, and above all, achieve customer satisfaction.

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