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Case Story
When Strategy Drives Advertising


A prestigious regional University collaborated with ReThink Marketing to develop a marketing strategy for its fast-growing Adult Education program. In addition to student survey design and analysis, strategic development, and positioning, message and Web site development, ReThink recommended, and the University approved, an advertising strategy designed to connect effectively with its target market.

The Solution
ReThink Marketing called in alliance partner Rizzuti/Austin Marketing Group to develop an advertising proposal for the University that included creative, media placement, and a lead-tracking system.

ReThink had conducted primary research indicating that 65% of its target audience was women 25 to 44 with less than three years of college, and currently employed in administrative, professional and managerial positions. Because of the research and the budget restrictions, Rizzuti/Austin suggested a singular radio focus that would accurately reach the University’s demographic.

The agency worked with ratings services to pinpoint other stations that could deliver the target audience; collaborated with ReThink to develop benefit-oriented, direct-response radio spots that delivered on the new positioning and messaging; secured the two top female voice talents in Dallas to deliver the spot; and managed all production details. Additionally, ReThink and Rizzuti/Austin consulted with the University on lead tracking via special phone lines and Web site URLs. A directional Web survey was added to query visitors on their initial point of contact.

The Result
The radio campaign ran during July and August, and reappeared for spring registration. The summer campaign helped the University exceed enrollment goals, dramatically increase the number of Web visitors, and provide a baseline from which to measure future advertising and marketing activities. Additionally, the University went on to award Rizzuti/Austin the full advertising account.

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