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Case Story
Building Marketing Momentum from the Ground Up


Our client, a provider and administrator of customized employee healthcare plans, had an opportunity – and a problem. The company had been named core carrier to a leading national financial benefits firm, and now was authorized to offer its healthcare products exclusively through the partner’s network of more than 160 agencies.

The problem was the company’s image and lack of quality communications tools. Its new partner was skilled at marketing core carriers to its agency consultants. With Web-based libraries, online sales training and prospecting tools, weekly Webinars, and customizable literature, the partner was highly successful in educating and supporting hundreds of financial consultants. The partner also expected core carriers like our client to provide specific, well-defined marketing sales tools for placement on a private Web site.

Our client knew that to maximize this opportunity and make an impact with the partner’s consultants, it needed to reinvent itself from the ground up — in ten weeks.

The Solution
With only ten weeks before the partner launch, ReThink worked with the company to develop a strategy with four distinct deliverables – a new brand and identity system, a revamped positioning and messaging platform, a comprehensive suite of marketing materials, and a new Web site.

ReThink gathered documentation, completed competitive and channel research, reviewed industry data, and conducted executive interviews. This created a foundation of knowledge and insights on which to build new identity and communications systems. At the same time, ReThink explored the company’s sales process. Because it delivered products through the broker channel to employers who then offered those products to employees, positioning and messaging needed to address all three audiences.

ReThink established the company’s competitive differentiation, customer value proposition, and corporate positioning. Out of this flowed relevant messaging including a new tagline, product value messages, and customer-centric benefits that enabled the development of a suite of marketing collateral products.

Moving along, ReThink Marketing brought in independent design firm to create the corporate brand and identity system, including a new corporate logo, stationery and folders, collateral and Web design systems, presentation templates, and corporate standards for color, fonts, and logo usage.

ReThink also developed messaging for more than a dozen collateral items, from corporate and product overviews to case studies and welcome letters. Also included were sample plans, a launch press release, FAQs, and presentations to support partner launch activities and pre-launch mailings.

With the new identity and messaging in place, ReThink worked with an independent Web development team on site maps, information flow, and design concepts. Within weeks, the site progressed from concept through production to test and launch, all in time for the channel partner’s introduction activities. The site included information tracks for broker, employer, and employee audiences with future plans for a broker login area and new product offerings.

The Result
ReThink Marketing exceeded the company’s expectations – and the company itself surpassed the expectations of its channel partner. The company’s partner launch broke previous Webinar event attendance records. Requests for proposals have increased, and the company is gaining momentum in other broker channels as well.

The company shared that with ReThink Marketing’s help, it has succeeded in changing its image and improving its product messaging, and it now has the communications tools to work effectively with its channel partners.

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