Rethink Marketing



Will B2B Marketing Become Obsolete?
A recent online discussion on Forrester Research reviewed trends in the B2B segment and how they will impact and change the marketing function as a whole. Will commodization, consumerism, ad avoidance, globalization, and peer influence make marketing irrelevant?

Outsmarting the B2B Goliaths
Surviving the Wal-Mart threat is a serious mission for many retailers. But a few shrewd companies have learned to thrive along side the "beast of Bentonville." Find out what they're doing and how B2B ventures can apply these strategies to their own businesses and win.

Market Validation: What it Is and How it Works
Market validation is a term often used to describe one or more stages of market research
and evaluation. While it is used by mature companies to explore a new market or test
a new product line, market validation is event more critical to the success of a new venture. .

Why the Problem with Marketing May Not Be with Marketing
Many business processes operate beyond the control of Marketing, but undeniably affect Marketing’s success. So when revenue growth languishes and marketing programs seem
to have little effect, is the problem with Marketing – or something else? Discover why organizations need to carefully examine back-end connections to ensure marketing success.

Services Marketing: Four Factors that Affect Your Customers
Services marketing has been called “selling the invisible” — delivering intangible services as a core “product” offering. But intangibility, is just one factor that distinguishes services marketing from product marketing. Learn more about the characteristics of services, how they affect client behavior and the marketing mix, and what your organization can do to improve customer perceptions, and enhance market opportunities.