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ReThink Marketing doesn't offer a "wide range of marketing services." Instead, we offer a
very specific suite of market research, strategy, and development services to give you
unbiased insights into your customers, competitors, and marketplace — market knowledge
that enables business success.

Below you'll see a list of our strategic marketing services. Don't be overwhelmed.
Our clients come to us with challenges and want answers. We work with them to bring together the right blend of services to meet their goals. We can do that for you, too. Call us.

Customer Dialogue and AnalysisTen Reasons...
Corporate and Marketing Effectiveness
Competitive and Market Assessment
Competency Audits
Strategic Plan Development
Executive Consulting
Implementation Guidance
Group Facilitation

Customer Dialogue & Analysis

Through interactive research, we deliver a deep understanding of the customer, his needs and perceptions, and his decision-making and buying processes. Methods include individual or group interviews, focus groups, and surveys as well as reviews of historical customer data. Our customer research services can be tailored to a recurring program, providing you with quarterly, semi-annual, or annual input. We also can plan and facilitate customer councils.

GOAL: To deliver insights that can improve the customer relationship and enable customer-focused decision making, service improvements, and product innovation.

Corporate & Marketing Effectiveness

We thoroughly examine your company including executive management; corporate mission, values, and business strategies; product offerings; marketing, sales, and customer service functions; and all communications activities. This information provides a comprehensive view of the people, processes, and systems that interact with and support the marketing discipline.

GOAL: To identify the internal challenges and barriers to marketing success, and develop a recommendation and action plan to improve the effectiveness and value of marketing as a strategic business function.

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Competitive & Market Assessment

In addition to investigating your company's direct and indirect competitors, we gather market intelligence on the industry, channels, current and potential markets, and environmental influences. When coupled with the Corporate and Marketing Effectiveness study, this assessment clearly identifies external opportunities and threats, and identifies your company's standing in the marketplace.

GOAL: To understand the marketing environment and competitive forces that impact your company's products and business strategy, and provide recommendations to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Competency Audits

We perform a vertical audit of a specific corporate competency, reviewing and assessing its strengths, weaknesses, effectiveness, and results. Audit areas include:

Marketing — examines the role, processes, staff, programs, linkages, impacts, and
results of the marketing discipline within the company
Communications — assesses all external customer and investor materials (print,
electronic and multimedia) for brand consistency, message clarity, design quality,
and integration effectiveness in light of the organization's communications goals
Web Site — a competitive audit that evaluates the site against those of four key
challengers, considering content, design, technology use, ease of navigation, and
search engine optimization efforts
Brand and Identity — analyzes the brands, trademark policies, visual identity,
consistency of use, and marketplace visibility and awareness

GOAL: To evaluate the effectiveness of a specific competency or program, gauge its results and competitive value, recommend areas for improvement, and provide a plan of action.

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Strategic Plan Development

At ReThink Marketing, research precedes strategy development. With the appropriate market research and analysis completed, we can develop a strategic marketing plan that includes the following components:

Segmentation & Market Alignment — We review possible market segments to identify
which groups you can market to and satisfy profitably; examine current customers,
needs, drivers, decision-making process, and desired benefits; and create in-depth
customer profiles.
Positioning & Messaging Platform — We assess your organization’s current market
position and develop a compelling positioning strategy to differentiate you from your
competitors and create a lasting impression and core messages that resonate with
your target audience.
Program Development — We develop a central program strategy based on the
marketing goals — for example, lead generation, customer retention, loyalty, or brand
awareness. The objective is to define a core program approach to anchor the
development of an integrated marketing mix.
Marketing Mix Recommendations — We develop an integrated plan that blends
product, pricing, place (distribution or channel), and promotions in such a way as to
influence market awareness and interest, product demand, and customer satisfaction.
Performance Metrics — We help your company set specific and realistic marketing
objectives, developing a scorecard with relevant metrics to measure marketing success
and continually focus resources on the most effective business-building activities.

GOAL: To develop a thoughtful, well-executed strategic plan that effectively connects with and motivates the target audience, achieving business growth and success.

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Executive Consulting

We work closely and collaboratively with the CEO, marketing officer, or the executive team to align marketing strategy with business goals, facilitating group sessions as needed to build consensus. Specifically, we can advise management on issues such as increasing the strategic value and visibility of marketing, developing a company-wide customer orientation, decreasing marketing staff or hiring issues, improving executive communications, and more.

GOAL: To improve executive decision making and the value perception of marketing through expert third-party input, guidance, and facilitation.

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Implementation Guidance

While we don't provide production services, we support the in-house marketing department in their implementation of marketing programs and action plans to ensure they stay on strategy. Additionally, we can provide vendor reviews and recommendations; attend critical meetings as a facilitator or as an observer offering input or guidance; and mentor marketing staff and key vendor partners on effective planning and milestone delivery.

GOAL: To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing team and enable timely, on-strategy implementation.

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Group Facilitation

ReThink Marketing can act as a neutral third party to facilitate meetings with executives, employees, departments, or customers. Sessions are customized to the needs of your group and typically include research, interviews, participant workbooks, professional scribing, and final analysis report. Facilitation is a powerful option for these needs — creative brainstorming, marketing planning, process improvement, team evaluation and input, mission and values development, and group problem solving.

GOAL: To accelerate fact finding, decision making, or consensus building that leads to improvements in management, team collaboration, and project progress.

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