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An Interview with Rosemary Remacle: Is Technology Changing
the Face of Startup Marketing?

We continue our series on marketing evolution with a conversation with Rosemary Remacle, principal of Market Focus and past venture partner at Sevin Rosen Funds. Join us to learn what has changed and surprisingly, what still remains the same when it comes to marketing at startups and early stage companies.

How Marketing is Evolving: An Interview with Dr. Steve Perkins
We recently talked to Dr. Steve Perkins of Burke Inc. on some of the most pressing issues that marketers face today: How has the Internet transformed market research? What challenges do blogs and social networks pose for today’s market researchers? Should companies be less focused on Marketing ROI today and more on accountability to measure effectiveness? Read our complete interview to learn more on the latest insights on marketing and research.

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Nov An Interview with Rosemary Remacle: Is Technology Changing the Face of Start-up Marketing? Rosemary Remacle
Market Focus
Jul How Marketing is Evolving: An Interview with
Dr. Steve Perkins
Dr. Steve Perkins
Sr. Consultant
Burke Inc.
Dec Anatomy of a Hospital Brand:
A Transformation at Medical City Dallas
Carol Ansley
Consultant; former VP of Strategic Development
Jun Visualizing Product Design:
A Conversation with Ignition
Jeff Garrett
Chief Marketing Officer
Mar The Quest to Unify Network Security:
An Interview with DeepNines
Sue Dark
Founder & CEO
Dec Marketing Technology to Public Education: An Interview with George Grayson
Sep Customer Focus: An Interview with
Animato Technologies
Cynthia Comparin
Founder, President, & CEO
Mar Automating Healthcare Transactions:
An Interview with GTESS
Andrea Overman
Jan ATX Group: The Power of Telematics in
Automotive Marketing
Gary Wallace
VP, Corporate Relations
Dec ExactTarget: How One Company is
Changing Marketing
Chris Baggott
Co-Founder & CMO
Nov GlobeRanger: Riding the RFID Wave Jennifer Mao
VP, Marketing
Oct Mobility Ventures: Seeding and Supporting
Startup Success
Michael Buckland
Sep Adimos: How Digital Media Meets Home
Wireless Technology
Sandeep Kumar
President & CEO
Jul Marketing Evolution: A Conversation with
Dr. Steven Perkins, UT Dallas
Dr. Steven Perkins
Associate Dean
UTD School of Management
Jun Ignite Technologies: Delivering Digital
Content Globally
John Rothwell
May Making iTV a Reality: An Interview with
Bluestreak Network
John Reed
Chairman & CEO
Apr Zyvex Revisited: Achieving Success in Nanotechnology Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci
President & COO
Mar Global Networking: An Interview
Barry D. Nalls
President & CEO
Feb Startup Positioning: An Interview with
Sevin Rosen Funds Venture Partner
Rosemary Remacle
Rosemary Remacle
Venture Partner
Jan SMU and the Marketing of
Higher Education
Patti LaSalle
Associate VP & Executive Director, Public Affairs, SMU
Dec ZixCorp: Marketing Technology
to the Healthcare Industry
Nigel Johnson
VP, Bus Dev / Prod Mgt
Nov A Conversation with
Cbeyond Communications
Brooks Robinson
Oct RF Technology:
An Interview with SyChip, Inc.
Dr. Moses T. Asom
Co-Founder & SVP
Sep Dominating a Market:
Valerie Freeman & Imprimis Group
Valerie Freeman
Founder & CEO
Jul An Interview with Telecom Expert
Barbara Lancaster (LTC International)
Barbara Lancaster
Co-Founder & President
Jun The Value of Research:
An Interview with Nokia Americas
Bernard Brenner
Director, Americas Research
May Personal Internet Security:
A Conversation with Privacy, Inc.
Phyllis Kramer
VP, Marketing
Apr OraMetrix:
Marketing Medical Technology & Services
Chuck Abraham
Mar On-Demand, Online:
An Interview with HRsmart
Mark Hamdan
Feb i.think_inc.:
Pioneering Online Research
Beth Mack
Jan Building Customer Loyalty:
An Interview with UniFocus
Dr. Matthew Schall,
VP, Research
Dec InnerWireless:
Marketing a New Venture
Ed Cantwell
President & CEO
Nov Venture Marketing:
A Conversation with STARTech
Sejal Desai
Oct Brand Strategy:
A Discussion with EDS
Sherry Mendel
EDS Brand Strategist
Sep Disruptive Technologies:
An Interview with Navini Networks
Bjorn Kirchdorfer
Jul Marketing Nanotechnology:
A Conversation with Zyvex
Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci
Jun Connecting Marketing and Sales:
The Sales Company
Debbie Mrazek
Mar Target Marketing:
An Interview with Radioshack
Douglas Scott
VP, Marketing

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