Rethink Marketing

Our Difference


Objective Viewpoint. As a company, ReThink Marketing has purposefully chosen to focus on strategic marketing, not promotions implementation. We aren't tied to specific promotions, channels, or program types. This means we have the objectivity to view all potential marketing solutions and recommend the right ones that make sense for your company.

Market Strategists. As seasoned marketing professionals, we are skilled in market research, strategy formation, and plan development. We don't start with tools and tactics.
We start with questions and demand a strong knowledge foundation on which to build a dynamic marketing strategy and action plan.

Corporate Experience. We come from the corporate world and have marketing management experience. We can understand and relate to the business challenges you face and work effectively with your management team to determine the strategic impact of marketing.

Discovery Driven. We start every engagement with in-depth discovery and research knowing that business success is not the result of impulsive actions but of insights and planning — market knowledge that's transformed into relevant marketing strategies that can then be successfully implemented to deliver positive outcomes.

Customer Focused. We are focused on your customers, the value you deliver to them, and the experience they walk away with. For any enterprise, customers are the starting point for marketing strategy. Our approach is firmly rooted in customer knowledge as the driver of strategic decision making and results.

Collaborative Engagements. The most successful engagements are those in which both parties understand a successful outcome is contingent upon a mutual commitment to communications, teamwork, and achievement. We are dedicated to collaborative relationships.

Knowledge Transfer. ReThink Marketing not only delivers market knowledge but also shares planning and implementation expertise that enables your team to be more productive and your company to be better prepared to maximize its potential.